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We know your struggles and dedication for your exam. We believe that you can do it on your own, because you’re smart and amazing. The focus of our course is not JUST to help you get your RN license but we want you to BE AT YOUR BEST and get a HIGH SCORE.

We are NOT aiming for 55%!

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+ Taxes

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Student's Exam Results

Tresor Marius Djogo: 82%

Alexandra Mackay: 81%

Jennifer Savinski: 76%

Laurie Ainsley-Germain: 75%

Hadieh Alavi: 75%

Irina Pasikovska: 74%

Masoumeh Sami: 74%

Lama Mansour: 73%

Tianna Simon: 73%

Donya Mirfotrous: 72%

Tejal Patel: 72%

Alexandra Mykhailova: 71%

Eleni Zimianitis: 70%

Marie Vezina: 70%

Krista Arandela: 70%

Edelene Morisset: 70%